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Siboya Handicraft

We encourage local people on this remote Thai island to revive and continue their traditional handicrafts and support them by selling their crafts in a small shop at SiBoya Bungalows.

We try to foster Fair Trade and Sustainability, teaching the people to produce and develop new items on their own while paying attention to detail and handmade quality. We now have our own label… Handmade in SiBoya

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• Airport to Hotel transfers
• I can suggest the most interesting sites to see and when is the best time to go.
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• Are you coming to Myanmar?
• Airport to Hotel transfers
• My name is Ko Ye. I’ve lived in Mandalay City for 40+ years. I can show you all the sights and help you experience all that this historic city of Mandalay has to offer. I give very personalized tours.
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• Airport to Hotel transfers
• Contacting me will be the BEST thing you do for yourself in Siem Reap.
• I will be at your service to go where ever you wish, whenever you wish, from dawn till after your dinner.
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• Airport to Hotel transfers
• I would be proud to show you the secrets of this Paradise Island.
• I have multiple tours ready to choose, or customize your own.