Since early 2020 Siboya Bungalows has been one of the very many victims of the World Wide Pandemic. Tourist traffic is at a standstill. The entire world is holding it’s breath waiting to be able to travel freely again.

BUT… We are looking forward to accepting guests starting in October 2021

If you are planning to travel to Thailand next season then please contact us for a tentative booking.


I started this GoFundMe Campaign in October to try and make a difference for all the people who through no fault of their own are facing very hard financial times. I am going to continue the campaign until the end of February.

In tourist centric Thailand… Siboya Bungalows has always been such an amazingly unique enclave. From it’s very beginning in 1995, a very discriminating crowd from around the world has continued to migrate back to¬†Siboya Bungalows every year. Because of the country wide closures right now, tourism is at a standstill. There is no income. Mr Cheung is doing his best to keep all staff on a retainer salary, but the lack of income at Siboya Bungalows is being felt through the entire island.

If you feel that the sustainability of Siboya Bungalows is worthwhile then please click the link below and have a look.