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SiBoya Bungalows is located on the island of Koh SiBoya (see-boy-ya) about 20 kilometers south of Krabi Town in Southern Thailand. The island is very rural and undeveloped. There are 7 small villages throughout the island where you will find only a few small shops selling household supplies, snacks and petrol. Koh SiBoya is home to about a 1500 residents who work mainly in the rubber plantations or fishing. Dirt roads and footpaths connect these villages on this 3×10 kilometer island. The lack of easy access to the island has limited transportation to either motorcycles or walking. This limitation has helped keep it so undeveloped. A Community Clinic is able to handle minor medical problems.

Kick back in a hammock or take a 20min walk into the main village to see real Thai life going on. Stop for a coffee at anyone of the front porch coffee shops. If you show up between 7-8am you can often find spicy fried rice and BBQ chicken for breakfast. Mmmm! The rubber tree farmers do their work in the coolness of the night and come out of the plantations to have a morning coffee and gather with the children before they head off to school.

It’s about 15km to walk around the island road loop. You may very well be asked if you want a ride as the friendly locals go about their daily routine. As life on Koh SiBoya evolves, more and more vehicles of the 4 wheel variety are arriving. This year a large portion the the main roads will become all weather cement surfaced.

Rubber is the primary crop but some palm oil is making a showing as well as pineapple; diversification is definitely needed but the soil quality is wanting.

As you might have guessed by now, SiBoya Bungalows is off the regular tourist trail and a delightfully quiet place to relax. After just a few days you will discover that the lost art of goofing off is alive and well here.